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Week 10: Graduation day has arrived

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Topic Week 10: Graduation day has arrived

Post by *** Dannii *** on Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:26 pm

Fetal development in pregnancy week 10:
Week 10: Graduation day has arrived F3

fetus in third month
Your astonishingly tiny baby has been hard at work growing as fast as
possible—almost doubling in size in the past three weeks! Amazingly,
you’re in for a repeat size doubling performance within the next three
weeks! Your tiny champion still weighs less than a quarter of an ounce
but has already completed the most critical stage of their development.
Using Doppler technology, your doctor or gynecologist can let you hear
their tiny rapid fetal heartbeats this week (145-165 beats per
minute!). Chances for miscarriage are greatly reduced when the
heartbeat can be detected, so take a sigh of relief if you’ve been
needing one—it hasn’t been an easy ten weeks! What’s more, they’re
getting ready to make their first baby poop! Your little one’s major
organ systems are developing, including a functioning digestive tract
capable of moving food all the way through their bowels. The final
shiny gold star on their fetal behavior chart for the week: your little
scrapper has already developed defense mechanisms to protect them on

And how's mom doing?
More good news for mom: the placenta has grown substantially in size
and function and is now beginning to manage some of your child’s
hormones, finally taking some of the hormonal burden off of you! Since
the placenta has gradually taken over the hormone production for your
baby, you should finally pregnancy is not a standardized procedure so much as an individual journey
start to notice that much-awaited decrease in morning sickness
symptoms. Like everything else, though, this is just a general
guideline... if you have lingering effects for another couple of weeks,
don’t fret (or fret, but don't blame us)—pregnancy is not a
standardized procedure so much as an individual journey
*** Dannii ***
*** Dannii ***
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