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Week 14: Shake it baby!!

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Topic Week 14: Shake it baby!!

Post by *** Dannii *** on Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:07 pm

Fetal development in pregnancy week 14:

Week 14: Shake it baby!! F4

fetus in fourth month
Isn’t it glorious? You and your little buckaroo have roped your way
right into trimester numero dos! Are you ready to rock!? Okay, okay…
maybe just a little rolling and poking. Needless to say, your baby will
definitely be making themselves known in the upcoming weeks. At about
3.5 inches long, their little body and limber limbs are coordinated
enough for loads of complicated motions. In fact, their whole body is
moving right now! You're not feeling it because their current size is
still a bit too small to make an impact you'd recognize. Still, their
movements are recognizable on an ultrasound. Speaking of which, you
shoud be scheduling one with your health care provider! Week 16 is the
classic date as you can usually determine whether your little one is
going to pee standing up or sitting down. Your baby is also starting to
develop the ability to move their eyes this week, although the eyelids
still remain fused shut. What's more, they can make all sorts of fun
facial expressions as they practice squinting, frowning, and grimacing.
Cute development of the week: their little hands can grasp at things
and they may already be sucking their thumb!

And how's mom doing?
What’s in the forecast for your second
trimester? We’ve got a heavy concentration of developing fetal
movement, which will increase in magnitude in frequency through the
duration of the second trimester before subsiding in the third
trimester as womb-space becomes limited. If you think you’ve got the
second trimester is typically experienced as the most exciting and
enjoyable of the three— the morning sickness is gone, you definitely
feel and look pregnant, but you’re not yet an
overstuffed-lumbering-mammoth gas or some kind of odd bowel
obstruction right now, it might actually just be your little one poking
you hello! You’ll become more familiar with the sensation as the
frequency and intensity increase (and you’ll never quite forget this
special feeling!.On to the less exciting news. In your second
trimester, you will most likely experience some if not all of the
following symptoms to varying degrees: dizziness, headache and back
pain. Just like morning sickness during the first trimester, your
chances of experiencing a given set of symptoms increases if you’ve
already had them in a previous pregnancy. Unfortunately, if you’re
starting to experience back pain, it will most likely increase as you
gain more weight towards the end of the trimester. Although unavoidable
during your waking hours, you don’t have to suffer so much during the
night—there are some wonderful products out there such as the full body
pregnancy pillow, which will help you make it through the night without
too much undue suffering. Water retention is another fairly classic
albeit annoying pregnancy symptom which typically leads to swollen
fingers, toes, ankles and/or legs. These are all perfectly normal (and
fairly bearable) symptoms that should not be a source of unnecessary
stress. Despite these annoyances, the second trimester is typically
experienced as the most exciting and enjoyable of the three— the
morning sickness is gone, you definitely feel and look pregnant, but
you’re not yet an overstuffed-lumbering-mammoth. Go team go!
*** Dannii ***
*** Dannii ***
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